Sunday, August 4, 2013

goal setting

Goal setting will probably be a recurring theme for me. It is hard to set "SMART" goals that add up to better A1C's.  So maybe I need to think about things differently from A1C goals. And differently from avoiding complications. How do you focus on each and every moment, action and thought on something as abstract as an A1C.

I feel better if my blood sugar is better. So rather than focusing on success as being a number. How about focusing on keeping myself in range or getting back to range as soon as possible because that is when I feel the best and function the best.

In short, my goal is to feel good. That typically means that I want my blood sugar in range, and sometimes that means I might prioritize something else over a perfect blood sugar, but I won't enjoy other things in life if I am too high or low, so I think this might work. Maybe if I ask myself, "what should I do so I feel good later?" then I will be working toward something more concrete.

My goal is to feel good.